MTMA is fighting against dys-information in the ways that are known to be effective:

🔬  increasing awareness of problem and tricks of dys-information 

🗣  improving effective communication between those of dissimilar perspectives

 🛠 providing scaleable tools to cancel the growth of automated dys-information

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    The Honest Majority

    Important things deserve proper attention. The Honest Majority is helping to bring out the importance of honesty with style.

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    Is this BS?

    Our non-BS, almost-humerous, effort to fight BS.

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    Altruistic Information

    If useful information exists, but many are unaware of it, how can we help them to find it? Altruistic Information focus on delivering useful and honest information to a wide array of people.

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    News 4 All

    Access to quality verified information can be limited to those without the ability to afford subscriptions. This project will fix that.

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    Stealth Project

    Deep Fakes are going to be a Problem. We're working on a solution.


💡💡💡 What do you think we should do better to fight dys-information? 💡💡💡

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Brainstorm with your solutions and see how something might come of it! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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