It’s getting harder and harder to understand what is real and what is fake these days. Politicians. Foreign and domestic propaganda. Real and fake news media. Conspiracy cults. Social media. They can often bring us bad information. Dys-information. These sources of dys-information are wrecking our ability to know and to understand what is really happening and harming our lives. They are making it difficult for us to make the best choices for our lives. They are endangering our future. MTMA will help stop the spread of dys-information.

Dys-information, or bad information, is the information that we get that makes our lives worse off. How bad the information is depends on exactly what it is about. It can be mildly annoying to deadly wrong. For instance, if you’re like me, you’ve had a car mechanic at a Quick Lube tell you that he replaced your windshield wiper fluid when he didn’t. That might not be devastating dys-information, but certainly annoying if there’s something you need to wash out. It could be worse.


Hopefully you haven't experienced a car mechanic saying he completed your oil change only to find he didn’t complete it because he forgot to screw the top on to the oil reservoir, making you break down on the freeway (this happened to one of us!). Such dys-information might not lead to majorly bad consequences, but if you don’t pay attention, it could bring you into a deadly situation.


Some even share dys-information that can harm groups of people. This dys-information could have immediate consequences like the above examples. Sometimes the dys-information could have long-term potential consequences, like the unfounded claims that vaccines are a conspiracy to implant microchips inside our body to control or track people and other disprovable conspiracy beliefs.

We can better detect dys-information that comes at us. We can better protect ourselves, our families, and our nation. It is up to each of us, individually, to be aware of the harm that dys-information brings to us. 


Make Truth Matter Again exists to combat dys-information. 


We are part of a growing movement of groups and organizations that are taking aim at dys-information on all scales. Together, with honest people like you, we are pushing for a world where we are less hurt by dishonesty and deceit. We’re working to be better prepared to create a future that has freedoms and liberties that make our country and the world a great place. 


But combating dys-information is not easy without everyone’s participation. We need your help. 


Harmful information can spread contagiously, exponentially, like a virus, and it can be much more harmful than a flu virus. It can mess up more than just your health⁠—it can mess up your lives in general. Fortunately, just as you can take steps to prevent biological viruses from harming you, you can help to prevent dys-information from spreading and harming. Here’s how:


  • We can prevent ourselves from being harmed by dys-information and improve our understanding of the tricks of dys-information and better protect ourselves from what it might do to us. 

  • We can help others to protect themselves from th eharms of dys-information. By sharing what we know, and encouraging them to improve their own “information hygiene,” they may be better able to ward off the infectious dangers it might cause. 


Make Truth Matter Again is focusing on improving our collective awareness of dys-information and the damages it can bring to ourselves individually and to society. Without your effort and support, dys-information may continue to spread with dangerous consequences. Here is what you can do: 


  • Learn and share effective communication strategies to combat dys-information

  • Commit to honesty and to not spreading dys-info yourself.

  • Speak up about dys-information when you see it and work to effectively share with others what you have learned. 

  • Join the growing communities that are dedicated to improving honesty and combating dys-information. 

  • Reach beyond your networks and sponsor honest advertising⁠—advertisements that are created, specifically gauged to improve everyone’s defenses against dys-info. 

  • Support MTMA's efforts in fighting dys-information. 

It is up to us to create a future that is more free, more safe from the harms that might come our way.

It is up to us to Make Truth Matter Again!