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Fake news

Yellow journalism

Conspiracy beliefs

Information wars


Connect with us and help defeat dys-information

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False and destructive information

bad-information or dys-information coming from dishonest media, politicians, and the uninformed harms our ability to live a prosperous, free, and secure, life.

We can fight dys-information

We have seen he challenges of disinformation growing for all of us

We understand that it is increasingly hard to know what is truth, and what is fiction. 

If we don't act together to stop viral spread of dys-information, we lose our ability to make the best decisions in life.

MTMA is acting now to combat this.

We need you to act with us!


Our Mission

We are creating scaleable self-sufficient solutions that can help us tackle disinformation on two fronts. 

By helping us to deal with disinformation. 

By displacing disinformation with honest information.

Tools for you 
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    Just like you, we're always learning. Here, we share what we know, so you can see for yourself new and interesting info.

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    Precise and powerful understanding of lies and dysinformation and how to protect ourselves from it danger.

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    From the volumes of free knowledge on the internet, here are the resources we personally use to fight against dysinformation 

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    Every small bit of wise information that we get can add up to us being wiser as a whole.

    µWZDM is a form of this information.

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Together we will combat dys-information

Want more information on how YOU can help combat dys-info? Connect with us!

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