Fake news

Yellow journalism

Conspiracy beliefs

Information wars


The battle against destructive and dishonest info is getting harder

We need you to fight with us against this dys-information

here's how you can help

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Dangers of


Destructive and false info 

coming from from dishonest media, politicians, and uninformed people are attacking our ability to live a free and secure life.


If we don't act now, we may lose our ability to understand reality.

What MTMA does

We identify and share knowledge on how to better combat dys-information and share it with you. 


The more who see honesty as a valuable tool to use, the less harm dys-information can cause.


Create advertising campaigns that are based on helping others to combat dys-information.

What you can do
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Learn about faulty logic, how to spot dishonesty, how to respond to false information and so much more.

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You can help encourage honesty by being honest yourself and encouraging others to be honest.

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Together we will combat dys-information

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